How Group Memberships Work

  • Purchase Group Membership

    Purchase any group membership option from TuttleCo starting at only $900 a year. Each designated group member receives full Annual Membership benefits.

  • Grant Membership Access

    Whether using coupon codes or automated account creation, we'll work with you to create a customized onboarding experience for your group members.

  • Member Benefits

    Each group member will get individual access to a growing library of 16 training webinars, free resources, templates, and worksheets, as well as Open Office Hours with Chris Tuttle for personalized support.

TuttleCo created Everyday Nonprofits to provide valuable training, resources, and support for nonprofit organizations in using digital more effectively to serve their constituents and mission.

Renewable Group Memberships provide group members with an Annual Membership plan. Each group member's Annual Membership begins upon account signup, not on the date of the Group Membership purchase.

Group Membership Benefits

The members of your group membership will enjoy all of the benefits of a paid Annual Membership at no cost to them.

  • Includes 12 monthly educational live webinars on current digital topics

  • Includes 4 quarterly hands-on classes to help you develop and implement your organization's digital strategy

  • Includes twice-monthly group Open Office Hours where members can get personalized advice on your digital strategy plans, campaigns, and unique challenges

Classes Included

Your gift membership provides access to a growing library of dozens of trainings on digital strategy and implementation.