How Gift Memberships Work

  • Purchase Gift Membership

    You can support nonprofits in need with your purchase of an annual membership to be donated, providing access to dozens of webinars and online trainings at no cost.

  • TuttleCo Matches Your Gift

    TuttleCo, the creators of Everyday Nonprofits, will match every annual membership gifted so your donation will support TWO nonprofits in need!

  • Apply for a Gift Membership

    Staff working at nonprofits with limited resources and in need of support anywhere around the world are invited to apply for a Gift Membership. Read below to learn how.

TuttleCo created Everyday Nonprofits to provide valuable training, resources, and support for nonprofit organizations in using digital more effectively to serve your constituents and mission.

While we work to keep our pricing affordable, we know not every nonprofit can afford this -- particularly right now. With the support of generous donors, Gift Memberships are completely free to qualified nonprofits in need and provide 1-year premium access to a growing library of over 20 training webinars annually and Open Office Hours with Chris Tuttle twice monthly to get personalized support.

Gift Membership Benefits

The recipients of your gift membership will enjoy all of the benefits of a paid Annual Membership at no cost to them.

  • Includes 12 monthly educational live webinars on current digital topics

  • Includes 4 quarterly hands-on classes to help you develop and implement your organization's digital strategy

  • Includes twice-monthly group Open Office Hours where members can get personalized advice on your digital strategy plans, campaigns, and unique challenges

Classes Included

Your gift membership provides access to a growing library of dozens of trainings on digital strategy and implementation.

Apply for Gift Membership

If your nonprofit needs the resources, training, and support Everyday Nonprofits provides, but you're unable to afford a paid membership, this is for you.


Everyday Nonprofits Gift Memberships are available to any employed or volunteer staff of formal nonprofit organizations, regardless of position or title. All applicants must agree to these requirements to qualify for a Gift Membership.

  • Applicant attests, in good faith, the need for financial support via a Gift Membership.

  • A valid nonprofit Employer Identification Number (EIN), or the local equivalent, must be provided during application.

  • Applicants must certify that their nonprofit prohibits discrimination in services and hiring on the basis of race, religion, gender, gender identification, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin, and/or skin color.

  • Each Gift Membership may be used by one (1) person.


Gift Membership requests are reviewed on a rolling basis, at least twice monthly. You will be notified of a decision on your application within 30 days.

TuttleCo does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, skin color, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, or religion. While we do not require applicants provide any financial documentation to receive a Gift Membership, TuttleCo reserves the right to accept or deny any applicant, for any reason, except where prohibited by law.