• What does a Free Membership include?

    Everyday Nonprofits offers 2 membership options: Free and Paid. Free Members have access to a growing library of recorded webinars, presentation slides, and additional free resources, templates, and worksheets. We plan to release 4 new free webinars annually.

  • What does a Paid Membership include?

    Paid Members (Monthly and Annual) receive all free webinars and resources, as well as 16 live webinars released monthly and quarterly with hands-on instruction on everything digital.

  • How much is a Paid Membership?

    Membership is subscription-based for only $29/month. Or, save $100 with an annual membership for only $248.

  • Who are the classes for?

    Classes vary in skill level and are designed mostly for nonprofit professionals with both beginner and intermediate-level experience.

  • How many people can use my login?

    Each member login may be used by 1 person. Small and large group memberships are options are available at discounted rates.

  • What software is needed?

    Everyday Nonprofits is hosted online and works with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers. Additionally, we recommend having Javascript enabled, a PDF plugin or reader, graphic and audio output capabilities, and a broadband internet connection with a minimum speed of 5Mbps, and TLS 1.2 supported by your web browser.

  • How do I apply to receive a Gift Membership?

    Gift Memberships are donated to provide nonprofits in need with premium learning opportunities at no cost. Please click Gift Membership linked in the footer below to apply with TuttleCo.

  • How do I purchase a Group Membership?

    Group Memberships are affordable options to give your team, association members, or grantee/member organizations with premium access to Everyday Nonprofits at a discounted cost. Please visit TuttleCo to purchase group memberships by clicking Group Membership linked in the footer below.

  • How can I cancel?

    We’re sorry to see you go! We understand that canceling may be the right decision for some, and wish to make it as easy as possible. Visit your Membership Profile and select “Billing & Info” to cancel your membership, and it will be processed the same business day. You will not be billed for the following billing cycle, and your membership will expire on that date. For instance, if you cancel your membership on April 1, and it is set to renew on April 15, you can continue to access paid membership features until April 15, and will not be charged again. The same policy applies to both monthly and annual memberships. Annual members who cancel early will not receive a refund for any remaining months, but will retain access to paid membership features until the membership end date.