About These Resources

Everyday Nonprofits is proud to provide this growing collection of resources, templates, and tools completely free of charge to all members. Here are some of the resources you'll have access to:

  • Create a more effective social media campaign using our free Digital Campaign Worksheet

  • Download a social media drafting guide to ensure copy is optimized for text length across different channels

  • Gain a better understanding of who our top Facebook Fundraisers are with a free Facebook Fundraiser Dashboard using Google Data Studio

Table of Contents

These free resources, templates, and tools are available to all free and paid memberships

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    Welcome to your resource library!

    • About this resource library

  • 2

    Digital Metrics Tracking Spreadsheets

    • About this Resource

    • About Digital Metrics

    • Monthly Tracking Template

    • Campaign Tracking Template

  • 3

    Content Drafting Tools

    • About this Resource

    • Content Drafting Tool

  • 4

    Digital Campaign Worksheet

    • About this Resource

    • Download the Campaign Planning Worksheet

  • 5

    Facebook Fundraiser Analyzer

    • About this Resource

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