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While many of our nonprofits are facing new challenges in supporting staff now required to work from home, the need to fund our work, support our constituents, and advance our mission carries on. Join Farra Trompeter and Chris Tuttle for this presentation on fundraising during COVID-19. We’ll discuss best practices and tips for maintaining, if not even growing, donor support during times of crisis -- even when that crisis impacts our ability to work.

  • Gain insight into what our nonprofit can expect during crisis and economic downturns

  • Hear common challenges nonprofits are facing fundraising during crisis, and best practices to help your organization

  • Learn best practices for getting supporters to fundraise for our organization during a public health emergency

Class Outline

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    • A message from Chris Tuttle

    • How to use this platform

    • Before we begin...

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    Watch the Webinar

    • Watch the Webinar

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    Putting Into Action

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Vice President, Big Duck

Farra Trompeter

Nonprofit strategist with over 20 years of experience helping organizations develop strategic communications to achieve their mission. Expert in helping nonprofits connect with donors and activists.

Expert Trainer

Chris Tuttle

Chris Tuttle is a digital engagement strategist and nonprofit communications professional who has worked with hundreds of purpose-driven organizations over his 20+ year career, developing groundbreaking national and global campaigns that reach and engage millions of people annually, while also raising millions of dollars. From Durham, NC to Lilongwe, Malawi, Chris provides in-person and online training for over 1,000 nonprofit staff annually on nonprofit digital strategies, working with a variety of organizations across sectors and sizes. Chris resides with his husband and two dogs in New York City and is Principal of TuttleCo LLC, a digital strategy agency.

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